Copyright violation is against Fluttr community guidelines and we take it seriously. 

If your copyright-protected work has been posted on Fluttr without your authorisation, you can submit a copyright takedown request. 

If submitting a takedown request, firstly consider whether fair dealing or another such exception applies to the specific situation at hand: 

The request must also be submitted by the copyright holder or their legal representative.  

False claims may have legal consequences. 

Please include the following information as part of your request:

  • Copyright owner’s full name 
  • Copyright owner’s email address 
  • Copyright owner’s phone number 
  • Copyright owner’s mailing address 
  • Type of content being infringed 
  • Description of the content being infringed 
  • The content’s location on Fluttr 

To submit a copyright takedown request, please use the contact form on our website.