Benching – When someone has no intention of seriously dating you, instead keeping you around for those moments where they’re feeling lonely or if another of their relationships falls through. In other words, you’re being kept on the bench. The most common sign of this is infrequent communication. 

Breadcrumbing – This is when someone essentially leads you on, sporadically contacting you to give the illusion of the relationship going somewhere. There is, however, no real intention of ever committing. Signs include sudden messages after days/weeks of zero contact, vague agreement to future plans. 

Cloaking – Whereas ghosting sees a person simply disappear, cloaking is when they disappear and outright block you as well, leaving no way to contact them ever again. 

Curving – Very similar to ‘breadcrumbing’, but without malicious intent. A person who is curving you is simply so uninterested that they won’t even attempt to string you along. Non-committal responses is the most common sign e.g. a thumbs-up reaction in place of a typed reply. 

Ghosting - Ghosting is when someone with whom you’ve connected decides to cut all contact with you seemingly out of nowhere. Signs of this behaviour can include: lazy one- or two-word replies, lengthier response times, swerving proposed plans, refusal to open up. 

Haunting – Instances in which someone with whom you’ve been romantically involved in the past drifts back into your life, normally via small, virtual interactions. E.g. A person you dated years ago starts liking your Instagram posts. 

Orbiting – Orbiting is a post-ghosting activity i.e. someone who has ‘ghosted’ you (cut you off) nonetheless continues to engage at a minimal level with your social media content, such as liking your posts. Reasons for this behaviour may be: they have decided they aren’t completely uninterested; they’re being nosy; or, they’re simply trying to mess with you. 

Pocketing – Pocketing refers to someone whom you’ve been dating for a while keeping you hidden out of view i.e. avoiding introducing you to friends and/or family. This can mean that they either still aren’t sure how they feel, or they have no aspirations to properly commit. 

Slow Fade – When someone pulls a ‘slow fade’, this means that they’re no longer interested in you and, rather than be upfront, begin to disappear from your life. Unlike the abrupt nature of ‘ghosting’, this is done very gradually. Signs include becoming less available (cancelling plans) and less communicative (texts, calls).  

Stashing – Another term for ‘pocketing.’ 

Trickle Ghosting – Another term for ‘slow fade.’ 

Zombie-ing – This is when someone who has ‘ghosted’ you makes direct contact (i.e. messages you) again.