To create a member profile and have access to the Fluttr appyou must go through the ID verification process. This process is managed by our partnerYOTI, and includes a photo ID document check, such as a passport or driving license, and a biometric face match. 

Verifying your ID within Fluttr powered by YOTI 

Click on the 'Verify my ID now' button, this will guide you through the verification without leaving Fluttr. 

Verifying your ID directly with the YOTI app

If you already have a Yoti account click on 'Continue with your Digital ID'

Creating your YOTI account will take less than 5 minutes and you'll need to: 

  • Download the free YOTI app onto your smartphone. Visit the App Store for iOS (Apple) or the Google Play Store for Android 
  • Create your YOTI account. Add your phone number and 5-digit pin to secure your account 
  • Take a scan of your face 
  • Add your ID document to your YOTI 
  • Add an email address to your YOTI 

Your ID document details are added to your digital ID and securely encrypted so only you can unlock and access them.

YOTI supports thousands of ID documents from over 200 countries. 

 Types of documents often used are: 

  • Passports 
  • Driving licences 
  • National identity cards 
  • UK Citizen Card 

When scanning your document, make sure you are in an area with good lighting and that the document is clear and in focus. Make sure all details of the document photo page are in the frame. 

Adding a passport: 

Once you’ve created a YOTI account, you can scan your passport to add verified details to your account. 

  • On the home screen, go to ID documents and tap ‘Add’ 
  • Select the country in which your passport was issued 
  • On the Select your ID document screen, choose ‘Passport’ 
  • Place the photo page of your passport in the frame 
  • Review the details added from your passport are correct before you continue 

Once you have successfully completed YOTI verification, you will need to go back to settings within the Fluttr app, tap ‘YOTI verification’ and link your Fluttr and YOTI accounts.