If, after you’ve sent your YOTI details over to Fluttr, you find yourself being redirected back to the ‘verify with YOTI’ screen on Fluttr and are seemingly stuck in an endless loop, the following measures should resolve this issue.

  • Enable all possible permissions for Fluttr. To do this, hold your finger down on the Fluttr app until you see a pop-up box, tap ‘App info’, and then tap ‘App permissions’. Turn on permissions for ‘Camera’, ‘Files and media’, ‘Location’ and ‘Microphone’. (You will need these enabled to fully use and interact with other members, so saves you doing it once you’re on the app!)

  • Turn off any battery saver mode you may have enabled via your device’s settings. Battery saver modes are a godsend, but they can, unfortunately, limit or interfere with some apps’ functionality in an attempt to save energy.

  • Ensure that you’re using the latest versions of both Fluttr and YOTI (you can check this in the app store – Apple for iOS devices; Google Play Store for Android devices).

  • Ensure that your phone’s operating system is up to date and compatible with Fluttr – our app requires a minimum of Android version 8 for Android devices.

  • Your broadband might still have a child safety lock enabled, which can interfere with age-restricted platforms, such as dating apps – you can contact your provider to turn this off for you, run a free VPN app to bypass it, or switch from Wi-Fi to your device’s internet (i.e. 4G/5G).

If you’ve tried all of the above and still cannot complete your ID verification and gain full entry to the Fluttr app, please get in touch with us here.